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Good in Bed - Book Review

The book title and author’s last name of the book may be deceiving 😆 but it’s 420 pages of refreshing, feel-good targeted to women.⁣

‘Good in Bed’ is about 28-year-old Cannie Shapiro, a plus sized journalist who finds out her ex has been releasing national columns about their sex life 😳 and how it’s hard to love a bigger girl. 🤬⁣

Through the book, she deals with the heartbreak and public humility, as well as a handful of other huge life-changing events. As Cannie travels from Philly to LA to NYC, she is sassy and relatable. My kinda gal. ⁣

Tbh though...the book can read as a little all over the place, which made it hard to read at some points. And the ending is pretty predictable. But this is Weiner’s break out novel, and I’m excited to read more of her work!⁣

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