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Two Good Dogs - Book Review

Two good dogs: 7/10

So I loved the idea and story of this book but the storytelling not so much. Truth be told I saw two pit bulls on the cover and that’s why I purchased the book because with the title and the two pitties I knew I wanted to read it. I’m a dog mom of Pit bulls and a huge pit bull advocate. The book is a cute heartwarming story told from different POVs. The story is mainly about a troubled teen Cody and her mom who just purchased a motel in a new town. One stormy night Adam and his dog chance come to stay at the hotel and end up staying longer than expected.

Cody is every cliche of a troubled teen who needs saving and she found another pit bull from an owner who OD’d. Both of the pit bulls end up making a positive light in everyone’s life bc they’re so loyal and kind.

The story includes a lot of heavy topics: bullying, loss, rescue, abuse, fear, second chances, lies, bad choices, making amends, etc. however

the way it’s written really threw me off. And that’s why I rated it the way I did. I would recommend to any dog lover ❤️

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